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Holistic Approach

When we consider a Holistic Approach to treatment (Care), what does that mean?  

A Holistic Approach involves looking at the whole person: mind, body and soul. I feel like it is unfair to approach CARE without considering the entire wellbeing of the person. 

I chose to work with the mind because without the mind, nothing else functions. Stress can result in a multitude of physical ailments, such as high blood pressure, psycho-somatic concerns, etc.  When treating the whole person, I CARE about YOU and not just your “symptoms.”  

A holistic approach also begs the question regarding if we are poisoning ourselves?  Like, think about it.  Alcohol (in excess) is a poison.  Negative people (in excess and/or a significant length of time) are poison.  A toxic work environment can be lethal to your health.  Negative/Degrading thinking is a slow form of suicide. 

How we take care of our mind, body and soul affects our lives. Essentially... our longevity. In order to truly live, we must engage in self-care.  Self-care does not “have to” involve spending a lot of money either (i.e., big pimping ... nope, designer labels - nope, weekly spa sessions - nope, etc.). 

Oftentimes, self-care is as simple as saying no without further explanation. Self-care involves spending an hour reflecting on peace and/or gratitude.  Self-Care resides in your ability to choose to love yourself in spite of what curveball life throws your way.  Self-Care is choosing yourself over and over and over again.  

Please take CARE of yourself: mind, body and soul. 

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--Angela Sallie, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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